TedBrakes For Mowers Stop A Mower Save A Life

About Tedbrakes

Front Brakes For Zero Turn Mowers


Ted Corriher has invented a braking system that can be installed on zero turn mowers and save lives. Ted fabricated the first set of front brakes for zero turn mowers in September of 2008. Ted had seen for himself some of the dangers of operating a zero turn mower, and soon noticed there were people all over the country getting hurt or killed on zero turn mowers, he decided to do something about it.

The idea was simple, put a brake in the most effective place to stop a zero turn mower without affecting performance, or setting it up for failure later. If you watch an automobile when it stops, you will see the front end dip down due to the weight transfer towards the front of the car, the same thing happens with a lawn mower. Since so much more of the weight is transferred to the front of a vehicle when it stops, that is where the braking action needs to happen.

Front Brakes for Zero Turn Mowers

The unique problem that the front wheels give on a zero turn lawnmower is that they are what is known as a caster type of wheel, they can rotate repeatedly in a full 360 degrees, which makes running traditional brake lines and calipers to the front wheels impossible, but Ted found the way!

Ted drilled a hole straight down through the spindle of the caster type wheels, and added some swiveling hydraulic connectors to the top, achieving front hydraulic brakes the only way possible, and proving that these machines could be made safer.

The story doesn’t end here, ¬†Tedbrakes are currently not offered on any mower from any manufacturer, which is where something this integral to the mower needs to be installed.

Use our manufacturer page to let your manufacturer know that they need to at least offer Tedbrakes on every mower they sell, and together we can “Stop a Mower, Save a Life”