TedBrakes For Mowers Stop A Mower Save A Life

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We are currently seeking Manufacturers who are looking to implement our TedBrakes front braking system on their new ZTR mowers during production.

If you currently own a ZTR mower and want Brakes, please click here.

Send the right message to your customers. You are concerned about mower safety and are looking for new ways to make your mowers safer, as well as looking for a way to sell your products with added benefits to your customers. If you are interested in purchasing patent use rights please fill out the form below to contact tedbrakes, and we will definitely be in touch.

We have had a large number of emails from our visitors requesting kits for their current mowers as well as comments like this one posted on “LawnSite.com” a top industry discussion forum.

“I think this is a great concept and if the big boys (Exmark, Bobcat, Toro, Hustler etc…) are watching, this is a new way to sell a z. Take notice. ”
TurfSolutions – Lawnsite Senior Member

The truth of the matter is that this system needs to be installed during production simply from a cost stand point. We have custom fabricated the components for each individual demo mowers spindle and wheel assembly, as well as brake pedal positioning. Something that would be accomplished for a lot less money if included during the design process, then carried over into production.

IMG_8755The decision should be a simple one. The information gathered from our slide testing produced a clear, consistent, and distinct result. Having the TedBrakes patent pending”Through the Spindle” front braking system installed will help to stop a ZTR mower that is sliding out of control down a hill. It’s application before the mower is out of control during the decent of a slope will help prevent the mower from losing control and it’s traction in the first place.

Safe . . . Effective . . . Smart . . . Make the choice to provide the safest mower on the planet and possibly save your customers life in the process!