TedBrakes For Mowers Stop A Mower Save A Life

Video Demo of Tedbrakes


Many people who have used a Zero Turn Mower on any type of hill has at some point found themself in the difficult situation where the mower traction brakes loose from the slope and slides to the bottom of the hill. They didn’t mean for it to happen . . . but by this time it is too late.

As you can see in our demo videos, these mowers tend to slide until they reach the bottom of the slope, while the operator who doesn’t have front brakes installed is sliding helplessly out of control.

With TEDbrakes front braking system, you have the stopping power of front brakes, just like on your car or truck. Granted the surface is grass instead of pavement, but you can believe that there is a big difference between having front brakes and not having front brakes even on grass. This system can save lives!! Not to mention; personal property, children, animals, vehicles, or any obstruction you encounter. Think of it as insurance, you wouldn’t drive a car that only stopped if you threw the transmission in reverse would you? Why have a half-ton mower with no brakes?