TedBrakes For Mowers Stop A Mower Save A Life

Why Front Brakes

Front Brakes are the most effective method of stopping any type of vehicle.

In nearly all automobile applications, 70 percent or more of braking or stopping force is done by the front wheel brakes. As weight transfers from the rear of the vehicle or mower, downward pressure is applied to the front wheels, greatly improving traction for steering or braking.

Nearly all Zero Turn Mowers rely on the hydrostatic drive motors to do ALL the stopping. Most times this results in spinning the rear tires which works on flat ground, but very rarely on hillsides. Also, when heading downhill, using rear brake pressure is not as effective in stopping your machine. This is a result of weight transfer to the front of the machine, lightening the load on the rear causing a loss in traction.

Tedbrakes on Badboy MowerSafely mow hillsides by controlling your descent while you continue to mow.

Just like a car going down a hill, you apply brake pressure to slow your speed to a controllable rate in order to negotiate the road ahead. The same applies in mowing, if you can control your speed while continuing to mow on hillsides or slopes, you can safely navigate the terrain with greater confidence. This is the single most important thing that can be done for the zero-turn mower industry at this time.

With TEDbrakes front braking system, you have the stopping power of front brakes, just like on your car or truck. Granted the surface is grass instead of pavement, but you can believe that their is a big difference between having front brakes and not having front brakes even on grass. This system can save lives!! Not to mention; personal property, children, animals, vehicles, or any obstruction you encounter. Think of it as insurance, you wouldn’t drive a car that only stopped if you threw the transmission in reverse would you? Why have a half-ton mower with no brakes?


Front Brake on ZTR mower